Why IT Outsourcing to Ukraine Works

Information technology outsourcing is the process of hiring outside individuals or entities, domestically or internationally, to provide specialized work and expertise. Over the last twenty years, the understanding of its benefits has resulted in various companies increasingly outsourcing projects, tasks, and jobs to Eastern Europe, and namely Ukraine.

The country’s rise among the world’s outsourcing destinations has been witnessed by Onix-Systems (https://onix-systems.com/), a Ukrainian IT company founded in 2000. We’ll refer to its experience when disclosing three reasons for outsourcing to Ukraine. Let’s start with the most prominent advantage.

IT Costs Reduction

Many companies choose offshore outsourcing, especially in developing countries, because of lower labor costs. They can save up to 60% against hiring staff for the same job locally. The saving frees resources for other purposes, and if a company plans to expand, it’s a cost-effective way to start foundations overseas.

The average rate of software developers at Onix-Systems is $30/hour, which generally aligns with the pricing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe (according to Accelerance report of 2018). Ukraine’s prices are way lower than in North America. Simultaneously, Ukrainian services providers guarantee higher quality than the cheaper services in South Asia.

Access to Highly Skilled and Experienced Workforce

IT outsourcing allows companies to engage the best experts for specialized work. Established outsourcing service providers have world-class capabilities, services, skills, and technology that small and medium-sized businesses rarely can afford in-house. 

Excellent IT experts are sure to be found in Ukraine. The number of tech workers is allegedly the 4th in the world, and numerous Universities are turning out 16,000+ new IT specialists annually. 

When Onix-Systems first started, Ukraine’s web development was already experiencing growth but lacked expertise in advanced technologies. From a team of eight web developers, Onix has grown into a 150+ company with web and mobile development, graphical design, Unity3D, IoT, and VR divisions. The services include both popular and continually emerging cutting-edge technologies.

The employees’ experience is vast and varied. 1,200+ successful projects realized for international customers have included solutions for e-commerce, social media, business automation platforms, finances, education, travel, media and entertainment, mobile games, and much more.

Onix has established long-lasting partnerships with clients in the US, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The majority of the clients are English-speaking. Several English teachers are regularly helping the teams to polish up their language skills, which not only improves communication with the clients but also facilitates self-development and training.

Most employees join the company as undergraduate students and make their way from a junior to a senior developer, continually acquiring new programming skills. Onix is nurturing their expertise and education to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, increase productivity and creativity, and meet the highest product quality standards.

Comfortable Outsourcing Process

Some clients still fear lest they should have poor oversight and control of a product or service delivered overseas. In this regard, Ukraine is especially attractive for Western European businesses due to lower travel costs and convenient time zone (GMT+2). The 7-hour difference with the American East Coast also means more favorable shared working hours than South Asian countries.

Ukrainian IT companies often have either management or representatives in the European Union, USA, Canada, or Australia. Alternative Spaces, a company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, officially represents Onix-Systems in the American market.

Outsourcing should be making life easier for the customers so that they can focus on the main business issues while experts are taking care of the details. Always prioritizing client satisfaction and transparent relationships, Onix-Systems has mastered the highest standards of customer service. There are an effective round-the-clock work model and a well-defined software development cycle in place that embraces the latest technologies and effective implementation methods. It helps meet deadlines and stick to a client’s budget limits while ensuring product quality. All projects go through a thorough assessment, specification development, implementation aligned with the client’s business needs, and code maintenance and updates. Onix’ employees work efficiently and smoothly with both Agile and waterfall approaches. The project managers facilitate regular meetings and continuously keep in touch with the clients, ensuring productive communication.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing empowers companies of all sizes in all sectors to expand their business without significant investment, focus on core competencies, and improve efficiency while dramatically cutting the costs. Due to the favorable exchange rate and highly skilled workforce, Ukraine sees a boom in IT outsourcing. The products and services are of high quality and delivered on time. The secure and comfortable outsourcing environment fosters long-lasting partnerships with customers located worldwide. This is where companies like Onix-Systems are thriving thanks to the focus on customer satisfaction and a watchful eye for the emerging technologies.