What to Do to Win a Survey in Maggiano’s?

From the land of the Godfather series and mafia romance novellas, we receive the blessing that is Maggiano’s Little Italy. As the name suggests, the eatery seeks to give the world a taste of Italian cuisines and dishes at very affordable and reasonable prices. Repeat clients have developed a fondness for their special spaghetti dishes, bruschetta, and the new brunch. Speak of repeat clients, you must have heard that the food outlet recently introduced a chance of winning $1,000? And listen to this. You only have to fill in a Maggiano’s survey to win these a thousand bucks. Sounds enticing, right? With the help of kumeguide.com/maggianos-survey/, we were able to gather all the information on the Maggiano’s survey and give you the best chance of winning the Maggiano’s $1,000 sweepstakes.

Maggiano’s Survey Details and Requirements

To start us off, we first must deal with the details and any other regulations set by Maggiano’s with regards to the sweepstakes. We know that Terms and Conditions documents tend to be long and wordy. To help you out, we have read through it and have fashioned this summary for you.

  •       The survey is conducted online through the restaurant’s website, www.Maggianos-survey.com/
  •       The $1,000 sweepstakes and survey are only available in the United States. Therefore, participants must be legal residents of any of the 50 states of America.
  •       The survey is also not available where survey sweepstakes are prohibited by law. This may be the case where a State brings into a law a temporal injunction due to one reason or another.
  •       At the time of entry to the survey, the participant must have attained 18 years of age.
  •       A participant should not be an employee or team member of Maggiano’s. Family members are also not eligible to participate.

Participation in Maggiano’s Survey

  •       The survey is preempted by making a purchase in any of Maggiano’s stores throughout the US. You will receive a code printed on your purchase receipt. Your receipt and the code are valid only for 4 days.
  •       Visit www.maggianos-survey.com and use the personal code to start the survey.
  •       You will be required to enter the personal code. It is typically located at the bottom of the receipt. Tap on “Begin Survey”.
  •       Fill in the required information and when done submit the survey.
  •       You will be asked to complete the survey with your personal contact information that will enable Maggiano’s to get in touch with you just in case you are the lucky winner of $1,000.

So, any Lucky Tips?

The decision on the lucky winner takes about one week and the verification by the winner is given a limit of 60 days. Since the competition is by a lottery system, the only sure way to win this survey is to make as many entries as possible.

Go down to Maggiano’s today and get your purchase receipt and personal code today!