What is short stay parking?

Short stay car park is a drop-off area where prices are designed to ensure that traffic keeps flowing, and excessive parking does not result in blockages. This type of car park is there in any airport. Short stay parking is for people who either drop or pick others up from the airport. This type of parking is not for those who plan on leaving their car at the airport for days while they travel abroad. People who plan on doing so should go for methods like mid-term of long-term parking. Short term parking prices are not that big if you are planning to leave your car for a couple of hours. However, it is the best If you check everything beforehand. For example, if you are looking for the parking place at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport you should definitely check parking fees.

Features and benefits of short-stay parking

This type of parking is made safe and secure with CCTV cameras in operation. These cameras provide complete footage of the area and are viewed by security officials at all times. They are open 24/7 and have no height restrictions, i.e., the description of your car does not matter, and you can easily park your vehicle without worrying about the details. With the advanced technology, short-stay parking has also developed the feature of automatic number plate recognition. The most beneficial aspect is that these parking lots are located on-site and are a short walking distance from the terminal.


Short stay parking usually has hourly pays, and you can even save up to 60% if you book your slot in advance. Such parking slots are meant to be used correctly for short term parking, and if one decides to leave their car parked in these parks for an extended period, it will turn out to be much more expensive than mid-term or long-term parking.

Length of stay

Short stay parking allows you to stay from anywhere between an hour to 16 days at maximum. But as said previously, in such situations it is always preferred that you choose other modes of parking.

Airports online services

Nowadays you can pre-order your parking space online. Lots of airports offer their parking services for those who want to pre-order a parking spot online at reduced prices. You can also save some money paying the day tariff when you book your slots in advance. When booking online you can be sure that you will park your car at a short distance from the terminal, making it easy for you to reach the terminal with luggage.


From the information mentioned above, we get to know all about short-stay parking. This is a type of parking that is vastly used by those who come to the airport to drop or pick someone up. The parking charges are introduced to ensure the smooth movement of traffic and to avoid the congestion of cars outside the terminal. It can be concluded that short-stay parking plays a significant role in the effective management of an airport, and all developed airports have a highly maintained and developed parking system. An airport is a country first impression, and whoever visits your country sets their likes and dislikes based on the first look they get from the airport. Traffic and congested cars will never be the right image, and hence all possible measures shall be taken to avoid it.