What Is It Like to Be a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is a person who searches for clues to gather for private individuals or clients or court cases. These professionals us a number of investigative and surveillance techniques to be able to gather information on a certain subject or situation that needs investigation. Their duties involve interviewing people, verifying information, conducting surveillance, and gather important facts on cases. A private investigator Sydney plays an important role in assisting private individuals, corporations and law enforcement.

The Job description of a Private Investigator

  • Collect information and investigate cases to support the attorney in representing defendants in criminal cases
  • Research on the case and arrest files with attorneys
  • Perform a very detailed background check on a person of interests, clients, law enforcement investigators and people who may be linked to the case.
  • Inspect certain crime scenes and review evidences submitted, take photographs on the crime scene and compile detailed reports
  • Interview witnesses to a case and compare statements
  • Coordinate with forensic and scientific experts to analyze pieces of evidence, review case notes and evaluate clients
  • Prepare reports that describe findings, expert opinions, details on evidence and other facts that are involved in a certain case.
  • Conduct private investigations and report back to clients
  • Run searches on public records and databases
  • Testify during hearings or other court proceedings if needed.

Responsibilities of Private Investigators

Research – this is the primary task of an investigator. It could be researching on a certain personal background, family history, legal records, conducting database research for a certain case for as long as it entails research this is a job for an investigator.

Surveillance – research involves watching, conducting surveillance, and researching. This may involve watching your subject without them being aware to check on his activities.

Interviewing – this a part of the fact-finding method which involves gathering evidence by interviewing a person or people who may be connected to a case or a subject. The information that is gathered through the interview will then be combined and gathered as evidence.

There are several types of Investigators

  1. Civil Investigators – their services are offered on behalf of government departments or corporations or insurance companies.
  2. Factual Investigators and Surveillance Investigators – these investigators work on finding and gathering evidence to get a clear picture of a case or circumstance. Their job entails interviewing, gathering information and research.

So what does it take to be a private investigator?

In becoming a private investigator, you may need to meet a certain requirement. The requirement may vary depending on the law in which country you came from. Like if you want to become a private investigator Sydney, you must meet the requirement that is required by the law in Sydney. But in general, here are some requirement in becoming a private investigator.

  • Must be of legal age (18 years old and above)
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must be willing to work with rotating schedule and overtime
  • Critical thinking and inductive reasoning skills


  • Must have access to a vehicle
  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic or Social Science
  • Has experience in law enforcement

• Has a strong understanding of cybersecurity issues?