The ONLY WAY to get REAL Instagram Followers in 2019

Winning or getting followers on Instagram is becoming more complicated every day because no doubt on Instagram there is a presence of laser targeted B2C and B2B customers. As a result, everybody wants to build their presence on Instagram. Though, getting real followers on Instagram is complicated but not impossible.


Here, I am going to show you seven tips to get real Instagram Followers in 2019


  1. Select objectives and make an action plan:


At first, ask yourself that, what are you seeking to achieve in it?

Do you want to gain brand visibility or do you want to sell your products?

Become an influencer? After being clear about your objectives, follow these steps to gain more followers on Instagram.


  1. Optimize your Instagram profile and create an attractive Bio:


Your profile speaks a lot about you. So make an attractive profile by following these:


Upload a profile image or logo that represents you.

Put the same username you have on other social networks so they can find you easily.
Include your hashtag or another one that represents you.
Add some emoji that generates sympathy.
Do not forget to include your URL!
Get inspired by looking at other profiles. Sure you find details that you like for yours.


  1. Use the hashtags Strategically:


Instagram is the queen of hashtags.

These hashtags allow you to categorize your content so that other users who are interested in the same subject can see your publications.

So, if you can pick the right hashtags for your photo then, your content can be reached to thousands of targeted people.

To get top hashtags on your niche visit but be careful about putting the hashtags because Instagram only allows 30 hashtags in one post.


  1. Publish only quality content daily:

This aspect is one of the most important that you have to take into account if what you want is to get followers on Instagram.
On this platform, poor quality, blurry, unfocused, unlit pictures (unless they have an artistic purpose, of course) do not work. And the same thing happens with videos.
Nobody is going to follow your account if you do not offer something nice in their eyes. We are in a visual social network, remember!
In the same way, remember that each publication must provide something interesting to your target audience.


  1. Interact with other known and unknown users:


Uploading photos are not the last thing; you have to answer to the comments and engage with other users as well. DO mention and tag to other users in your photos.

Instagram has a good system to find laser targeted peoples but maximum people either don’t know or don’t leverage them.

So, to find your customers, go to the search box and search by your niche relevant hashtags or search by your target place name then go to recent sections and comment on their photos. As a result, they will visit your profile, and It is proven that when they will visit your profile maximum people follow you.


  1. Organize giveaway contests:


People love to get free things. So, take advantages of that, buy some cheap products and launch a giveaway. The giveaway rules will be to follow your profile then mention 3 to 5 friends of them. Then, you will choose the winner with a random tool.


In conclusion, I can say that Instagram is not just social media. It is more than that. So, use it a proper way to accomplish your financial goals or goals to achieve real Instagram followers.