Is there more CBD in Indica or Sativa?

CBD for some time has been considered one of the best medications to fight a lot of mental diseases, such as PTSD. Apart from mental diseases, it has also influenced the people in fighting their physical diseases, such as respiratory issues i.e. trouble in breathing. Most importantly, CBD has shown to help patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Patients usually have shivering hands and shivering occurs so much that the patient feels torturous. Nowadays you can buy CBD flower strains online or use extracted CBD. When extracted CBD is removed from the Cannabis plant and is mixed in inert suspension, and then this CBD oil can be processed or used as-is.

Previously, cannabis was considered a drug to get high, but recently with the amazing miracles shown by CBD, it has helped to control major diseases. The entire extraction process of CBD is done entirely by using hemp oilseed or coconut oilseed. CBD comes not just from Cannabis Indicia and Cannabis Sativa and not just from one of each. Both the strains when bred together helps people in fighting their diseases and illnesses.

Difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indicia:

Both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indicia has its own medical properties. Sativa is more of a mood changer. Sativa helps in lifting the mood of the person. Its strains produce more of a euphoric high, which helps the patients get better from their anxieties and depressions. On the other hand, Indicia helps the muscles to relax and helps patients get a peaceful sleep. For example, a cancer patient would be more helped by Indicia rather than Sativa.

             Indicia dominant strains are higher in Cannabinoid(CBD), whereas Sativa dominant strains are higher in THC Cannabinoid. Indicia usually comes from countries that are famous for producing hash, such as Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet.

An Interesting Fact!!!

Top 8 legal CBD flower strains are as followed:

  1. Cherry wine: It contains 22% of CBD. It is cultivated from dense hemp seeds and is low in THC.
  2. Electra: It is also called the king of aromas and has a bold high CBD in it. Its sweet taste makes it instantly detectable as soon as it goes into the mouth.
  3. Lifter: As the name recommends, this helps in lifting the mood of the person. It has an extremely balanced ratio of CBD and THC. CBD is 14-20% and THC is 0.3%.
  4. Spectrum: It provides a wide variety of experiences to the people who use it. It has a relatively high THC in it.
  5. Super Lemon Haze: It has a Delta-9 THC level and more crystallization. Because of high THC level, it makes you relatively more high than usual.
  6. Sweet Premium: It’s a helluva strain. The aroma is extremely sweet.
  7. T1-Flower: It’s a floral strain with notes of mint, lavender, and citrus on it. It is mostly used to provide a better vaping experience.
  8. Wife: As people say the wife provides an experience that is as reliable as a stranger in dark. It makes you enjoy the moment.


If you want the treat yourself then you might need the help from a doctor, but the 8 flower strains mentioned above will definitely be a treat for your life.