How To Get The Best Airport Parking Deal For You?

We often get to see in the movies that the hero or the villain is running through a road and suddenly he feels to take a car from the roadside that is parked from before and from somewhere far of the road, the owner gets to see the stealing of his or her car and when the realization struck, he comes running down the road by shouting like “hey! That’s my car!” But it’s then already too late for them to get the car back. In real life also, we can get to see this in airport parking.

If you keep your vehicle unattended for a couple of days in the airport parking, then after returning you will find that your vehicle is already dumped to somewhere! There are also some fraud agencies, that assure you to take care of your car but actually they go out with your car or don’t actually take care of it. So here are a few things that can help you find a good place at parking Heathrow airport.

How can I book safely by avoiding that dodgy parking company/agency?

Few things are there if you want to check the trustworthiness of the company.

In the first place, you can their website, the certificates they have achieved yet, the length of their trading.

You must check the public reviews they get and how people are talking about the quality.

Reputation is also one important thing for the parking companies. So if they are renowned then you should go for it.

The best double check and double secure option is to book through a trusty provider where they include a list of companies and there you can choose one from them.

How to select the best parking option?

Good question indeed. There are several options that you will find in this case. Each type has different type of functions and benefits. So you can choose the price that will match with your situation. Generally, there are four types.

1.Park and ride: In this case, you will park outside the airport grounds and one local taxi will take you to the terminal. This is a way with lower price and the fair of the taxi will be included in the price you pay for parking. But you will have to take some time in hand so that you can reach the terminal in time.

2.On airport: here you will park your vehicle in the airport but you will get a long distance so a taxi will be there to take you to the terminal. Prices are different here.

3.Meet-greet: you will leave your car in the terminal and one driver will come to take your car to the parking. It saves your time but needs some extra cash. It is the best option if you are traveling with your family or large group with lots of luggage. Some extra cash will definitely save your time.

4.Hotel and parking: this is way when you stay in a hotel, close to the airport and leave it in hotel parking or take it to a parking company. The transfer to airport is available but will take some extra cost.

To find the best price

Generally, people books before 6 weeks from departure but I’ll suggest you to book before nine weeks as then the prices will stay comparatively low and there will be higher availability. If you are going out in the time of holiday, then book very early because in the less availability, the company increases the price. Heathrow official parking is best option but there are other companies too.