Factors that grow the risk of cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease. Doctors who are trained to treat cancer know how hard it is. Now people should be aware of the triggers of this scary disease. It’s better to prevent most of the risks that can lead to cancer. For instance, most of us can read medical articles related to the topic or go through some asbestos removal course online to acknowledge how the surrounding world and its minerals and other substances can be dangerous for human health. You can also consult your doctor and ask him how to reduce the chances of getting cancer in your very case through the lens of your medical history. After all, you may just keep on reading this article, where we are unpacking the most common causes of cancer.

Following are the factors that increase the risk of the horrible disease:


Being obese or overweight in simple terms is itself shameful. Not many people know that it can even result in fatal diseases such as cancer. This is because people who are overweight have greater fat content as compared to other people. The fat results in tissues and arteries being disturbed, which causes cancer. Excessive fat in the body ends up being accumulated in the arteries. This results in the blood flow being reduced, which gives the heart a hard time functioning. In the long run, this ultimately converts into cancer.


Everywhere there are various signs boards that state ‘Tobacco kills’ and the bitter truth is that this is the reality. The reason why the consumption of tobacco is harmful is that it completely deteriorates a person’s body and slows the immune system. Tobacco directly affects the lungs and causes lungs not to function the way they normally would. Consumption of tobacco through cigarettes results in lung and heart cancer.


Alcohol is often consumed at parties as a luxury drink. However, few people know that taking it regularly may result in them getting cancer. This is because the elements in alcohol do not allow the body to process and absorb important nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, E, and E. These nutrients are extremely essential for the body. Alcohol also slows down the immune system and many people complain that their teeth and throat get severely affected. As a result, many alcohol drinkers suffer from mouth cancer.

Sun exposure

Being exposed to the sun is good as the body gets vitamin D, which is essential. However, excessive exposure to the sun may have an adverse impact on the body. This is because the ozone layer in many countries is depleting at a fast pace. Due to this, harmful rays from the sun enter the earth. Exposure to harmful sunlight results in skin cancer in most cases.


People who have dangerous jobs that imply being exposed to radiation for a long span of time may result in cancer. This is because these harmful rays lead to the abnormal growth of the cells, which ultimately causes cancer.

Cancer is a horrible disease and once somebody gets it, the chances of recovering are very low. People are often aware of how deadly this disease can be, but they are not aware of the factors that can increase the risk of it. Being obese, prone to consumption of tobacco and alcohol in great quantities, and having long exposure to the sun are some of the factors that increase the risk of cancer. Hence, it is always better to know it instead of regretting later.