Do Instagram Users Get Paid?

Who knew you could earn a solid living from having a following on a social media page? Posting stylish videos, photos, and motivational quotes? It is common to hear of an Instagrammer here or there earning their living from their snaps and videos. But is it true? Do Instagrammers actually get paid? Instagram growth services over the years have led to users gaining large audiences that follow them religiously day and night.

Instagrammers turn this influence they have on their sizeable audience to dollars and put some bread on their tables. Curious how?

The envy of companies and businesses

Companies are interested in their market share- how much they can influence a certain market. Entry to the social media scene is not as rosy as other markets. Gaining followers is not as easy for companies and this leaves without the influence or reach. The thousands and millions of followers typically belong to the Instagram influencer.

Opportunity meets preparation. Companies approach Instagrammers to explore the possibility of them using their accounts as a revenue tool. Once a price is negotiated among other details that include the creation of content, the influencer is paid for every post on your account. The prudent Instagram user will perform their analysis of their audience and use this information to back up the rate they will charge for every post.

Why not be your own boss?

As much as being an influencer is the more common and notable method of earning money on Instagram, an Instagram user can get paid from using their account as an online store. Your store can be used to sell a variety of goods, services, digital products, information or access to it.

Instagram users create and post photos of their merchandise, from which they gain followers and also make money through sales.

Selling of photos

Let’s not forget that in the end Instagram was designed as a photo-engagement app. Photos and videos are its core business. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that photos are for sale on Instagram. You can sell your photos to individuals or companies to license them as their personal property. You can also integrate your photos into your merchandise and sell printed mugs, tee cups, and whatnot.

The Crucible

Being taken on as a brand ambassador or an influencer for a company is a Herculean task. You are responsible for driving awareness and possibly in the end sales from promoting content linked with their product or service. Even if you have thousands of followers, you must have a history of past advertisements or promotions done before.

And just like in any other sector, you may need to begin at the bottom; ever heard of an unpaid brand ambassador? It’s quite the common starting point for any social media influencer. This is where an Instagram influencer will be tested and found worthy of getting money for the content they post on their account.